Bahrain Taxi Group

Who We Are !
We are the best guide for travelers and tourists, we are more than +973 bahraini taxi drivers connected to community and WE know how Satisfy Our Customers.
Only the best Bahraini drivers

We Know How Serve Customers in the best way

We are growing every day in all the cities, villages, complexes and attractions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All the commercial complexes, hotels, resorts, islands and tourist places, and our Taxi cars are spread all over streets of the Kingdom of Bahrain .. just search for the Orange\White color.
Bahraini taxi drivers only…

We are the best for travelers and tourists beside that we are more connected to the community and we know exactly the streets and and land of kingdom of Bahrain.

Born in Bahrain and  had full experience in transport field as well as the capability of  speaking fluent in many languages ​​such as Arabic (native), English, Urdu and Persian, this what makes us the best Taxi service .

moreover Some of of us are fluent in Russian, Filipino, Thai and many other languages.

Taxi Call Centre is available 24/7 by either Calling directly from the website or by chat over Whatsapp,

However we will assist, help and advise you via our Call Centre.

Of Course we work legally and licensed and authorised In the boundaries of Bahrain law and ministry of transport.

Every Bahraini driver who works with us certainly holds a valid driving license and uses the taxi counter authorized by Bahrain Traffic Department.

Our cars are known known colors Orang\White, we are working to provide the best services to our guests 24/7, our Mission is to provide the best safe service and passing the customers to their destination  in complete comfort, you can trust us.

Hussain Swar – Bahrain Taxi Group Team Leader Mob: +973 33881925


To become the best provider of taxi services in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to be the choice Number one for our customers.


We provide high quality services to our customers, honesty, respect, integrity and to be competitive to meet the needs of our customers.

To provide all support for the service of the transport sector (taxis) In the Kingdom of Bahrain


We offer safe, fast, convenient, efficient and quality services, and contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s appeal as a major tourism and travellers destination in the Arabian Gulf.

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