Bahrain Taxi Group

Who We Are

We are a group of professional and experienced Bahraini taxi drivers with a current number of more than 973 Bahraini drivers and taxis.

Only the BEst Drivers

We Know How Satisfy Our Customers

 We are growing every day in all the cities, villages, complexes and attractions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All the commercial complexes, hotels, resorts, islands and tourist places, and our cars are spread all over the streets of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahraini taxi driver is a guide for all travelers and tourists because it is familiar with all the features of Bahrain is the original home and has experience in the field of He is fluent in many languages ​​such as Arabic, English, Urdu and Persian. Some of them are fluent in Russian, Filipino, Thai and many other languages.

We can provide you with the best services by providing help and advice. Of course we work legally and licensed and provide our services. In the limits of the law, every Bahraini driver who works with us certainly holds a driver’s license and uses the taxi counter licensed by the Traffic Department. Our cars are known for their white and orange colors,

We are working to provide the best services to our customers 24 hours a day

Our motto is:

Fast access to the customer, providing the best safe service and connecting the customer in complete comfort, you can trust us


Mob: +973 33881925

Hussain Swar

– Bahrain Taxi Group Team Leader

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